Outstanding architecture with precise relation to the existing building fabric: constructions by Buchner Bründler Architects, founded in Basel in 1997, are characterised by clear design and material contrasts in combination with solid craftsmanship, spatial ingenuity and distinctive shapes. Their work frequently serves to initiate developments, both in a town planning context and through single individual structures. The search for innovative and customised solutions is context- and programme-based, while also taking into account construction and materialisation issues. The harmony and elementary vigour of their structures is largely attributable to direct, haptically attractive and project-specific materialisation.
Daniel Buchner and Andreas Bründler are personally involved in all the firm’s numerous projects handled in parallel in Switzerland and abroad. They possess broad experience in a great variety of building tasks and all customary contract models. The range of activities also includes smaller projects such as interior design, conversions and single-family houses.Interior design of the UN headquarters GA-200 in New York and the Swiss pavilion for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai are two of the best-known projects. A number of their buildings are located in Basel: a residential building called Lofthaus, a residential and commercial building known as Volta Zentrum, a youth hostel in St. Alban (conversion and extension) and a residential building called Bläsiring. Buchner Bründler Architects were responsible for the conversion of the Crédit Suisse headquarters in Geneva. In Linescio, a side valley in the Canton Ticino, they turned a vacant old agricultural building into a Casa d’Estate (summer house).
Daniel Buchner and Andreas Bründler run the firm as a corporation limited by share ownership (Aktiengesellschaft – AG) with five associates and a team of currently 35 employees. Their work has appeared in many publications and received numerous awards. An insight of their activities may be gained from the prize-winning monograph “Buchner Bründler Buildings”, issued in 2012 on the occasion of an exhibition held in the main building of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule – ETH) in Zurich.





    In the project for the Hotel Nomad, the striking architecture of the team Buchner Bründler, makes for a structurally and atmospherically powerful basis: The 50s apartment house on Brunngässlein has been carefully renovated in connection with the historic preservation of the building, with the room…