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Cristina Celestino was born in Pordenone in 1980. In 2005 she graduated with the highest marks In Architecture from Iuav in Venice and she started to work with a number of architecture firms, before shifting her attention to Interior architecture and design. In 2009 she moved to Milan where she founded her own design brand under the name “Attico”, which is based on lamps and furnishings production, characterized by a deep research on materials and shapes. In 2012 she was selected to take part at the Salone Satellite and after this experience Attico’s products have been exhibited in many international galleries and showrooms. The product Atomizers, produced by Seletti, becomes part of the Permanent collection of Italian Design by Triennale Museum of Milan. Actually her work spans from limited editions for galleries and museums, to special commissions for brands as: Alpi, Atipico, BBBemmebonacina, Botteganove, Durame, Flexform, Fujifilm, Antonio Frattini, Mogg, Seletti, Tonelli Design e Torremato. She works as creative director for brands and as architect she is engaged in interior and exhibition projects. 
A great collector of Italian design masterpieces and curious towards all objects, her work is based on observation and research, critiquing the potential of an objects form, function and attitude. Across discipline approach between fashion, art and design and an embedded interest of old and new, traditional and contemporary, aid her to develop and play freely with ideas. Common features to all projects are defined geometry and rigorous research, combined with a subtle play on the impact of traditional forms. Through variations of scale and small inventions the meanings of objects are often changed.


Nation: ITALY


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