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Egidio Panzera, architect and designer, was born in Messina in 1974 and graduated in Architecture in 2000. Egidio Panzera thinks of design as the narration of an idea which stems from the constant research of limits, whether they are related to a space, an object, or a purpose. Narrating means researching, analyzing, and designing, and this can involve several topics, dimensions, materials and emotions. In a design, the initial idea must be recognizable. The idea must be a "conceptual detail" in the design. Egidio Panzera started his business in Seregno (Monza and Brianza) in 2002. He specializes in the design of industrial products and homes, housing complexes, commercial and industrial areas, showrooms, as well as the creation of exhibition fittings and booths. Among the companies he designs for are: Aico Design, Arca Horn, Cafim, Emmei, Ewins, F2Form, Fimmel, L&S, Metalmobil_IFI, Mr Doors, Noteborn, Pamar Italia, Porada, Sacea, Scholtes_Indesit Company, Softvision, Stampmatic. He obtained 10 patents. Egidio Panzera participated in several architecture and design contests, and received mentions and awards, the last is the ''Honourable Mention'' at the Red Dot Awards 2011. His works are published on significant design and architectural magazines.

Nation: ITALY


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