Giampiero Panepinto is an interior designer based in Milan, which is also the city where he grew up, and where he graduated in architecture at the Politecnico University. He designs interiors for hotels, restaurants, offices and homes both in Italy and around the world creating elegant, refined and unique places is Giampiero Panepinto’s mission in life. It requires an almost obsessive attention to detail. Relatively early on in his career he had the good fortune to go on a business trip to Japan and he goes there every year. He says: “I love the Japanese approach, which entails order and symmetry, but at the same time it is based very much on contrasts. I do the same when decorating a room, by trying to create a perfect balance in terms of the harmony and contrasts of the colours, materials and surfaces. Giampiero Panepinto’s attention to detail extends to everything.  He doesn’t only work on the design of a place, but also follows such details as aromas, music, home and kitchen furniture, plants, flowers and accessories.


Nation: ITALY