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Giulio Iacchetti, industrial designer since 1992, designs for many brands including Abet Laminati, Alessi, Danese, Elica, Foscarini, Globo Ceramiche, Jannelli&Volpi, Hastens, Magis, Meritalia, Moleskine, Pandora design. 
The distinctive characteristics of his work is the research and definition of new object typologies, like the Moscardino, the biodegradable spoon/fork designed with Matteo Ragni and for which, in 2001, he has been awarded with Compasso d’Oro. 
In 2009 he was awarded the prize for innovation – Premio dei Premi – by the President of the Italian Republic for the Coop Eureka project, which brought the design in the large-scale retail trade. 
In May 2009 the Triennale di Milano held a solo exhibition entitled “Giulio Iacchetti. Disobedient objects “. 
In November 2012 he launches Internoitaliano, the “factory network” made up of many craftsmen labs with whom he signs and produces furniture and accessories inspired by the italian way of living. He had also pursued his personal research project into new design topics such as the symbol of cross from which came the exhibition titled Cruciale held by the Diocesan Museum, Basilica di Santo Stefano Rotondo in Rome and by Castello di Lombardia in Enna, Sicily. 
In 2014, he won his second Compasso d’Oro for the design of the manhole covers Sfera, designed with Matteo Ragni for Montini.


Nation: ITALY





    The name of this collection, which means "great for the nobility” for the ancient Longobars, suggests a program of important tables, that can comfortably accommodate eight people, and is based on the theme of conviviality. The ellipsoidal or circular shape and the four deep bevels characterize the...

  • BEK

    Folding Chair. A single mould piece polypropylene’s structure designs back legs and backrest. The injection is in fiberglass in order to give the chair both solid and light structure. The buttonholes on the back uprights underline the sliding movement of the seat in its folding. Bek is built with...


    System of upholstered sofas with covers in Duraform®, in fabric or in leather, available in different colors. Dimensions: cm 203,233,263 x 100 h79 The reason for these monolithic geometries, the backrest designed as a big buttress, the armrest designed as rock blocks, defines a shape with very...

  • NOÈ

    “Noah” is not just famous for building the ark to save animals from the global flood, but also for his passion for wine. They say he invented it after first experimenting with vine cultivation. According to the Bible he also become raucously drunk (the first ever recorded case). This is why we have...


    SIPTEL is a LED floor and table lamp that reworks the archetype of traditional stemmed models, thanks to a simple, yet effective,magnetic system.The entire length of the rod acts as a launch pad for the illuminating body which slides along it with a softness and a surprisingfluidity. Exploiting the...


    Summit is a modular and adjustable sofa. The characteristic that makes it unique of its kind, is the possibility – thanks to a system of joints – of moving in the space and acquire different shapes according to the situations: from a linear sofa, to two semi-frontal armchairs. The movement is...


    The first time that Giulio Iacchetti has collaborated with DesignTaleStudio by Ceramiche Refin. The first tile flooring collection ever conceived by this ‘disobedient’ Italian designer stems from a simple and peculiar geometrical insight and was developed thanks to the support offered by the most...



    Giulio Iacchetti, designer for Bross, at Salone del Mobile 2015. He talks about innovation, work of italian and foreign designers, network and furniture.   ...


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