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Jacopo Foggini, born and raised in Turin, but living in Milan for over twenty years, begins his work with Metacrylate at the beginning of the Nineties, experimenting its creative use, and fascinated by its aesthetic qualities and the extraordinary cromatics, similar to antique glass but much lighter and hypnotic. 
As his great friend, Romeo Gigli says, "Jacopo works with Metacrylate, the less poetic amongst materials, managing to mold it into delicate forms with hands and light."
After his debut in 1997, with a hugely successful installation in Romeo Gigli's concept store, Jacopo Foggini reaches various milestones in his career such as the opening of his personal gallery in Milan, the publication of a photo book dedicated to his unique pieces some and the partecipation of his luminous scultures in permanent collections of museums all over the world such ad The House of Music of Vienna, The Museum of Decorative Arts of Montreal and the Gandhi Museum of New Delhi. Since 1997, Jacopo Foggini has presented several installations and exhibitions in major general institutions and international showrooms.


Nation: ITALY




  • GILDA B.

    A timeless chair, elegant and flowing. A creation of the artist Jacopo Foggini, obtained by modeling manually polycarbonate. Gilda B. is the second of the series began in 2014, with Gina. Same wooden legs inspired by mid-century design and varnished black, semi-gloss. Monocoque in polycarbonate as...

  • ELLA

    ELLA is the latest addition to this family of unique and precious chairs. "It is a chair with armrests supported by a pedestal", explains Jacopo Foggini. "Its colors are blue and green mixed together, and its stem is black. Its shape, sweet and sinuous, resembles a tulip. Like any flower, it is...



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