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LEV-Arch is a brand new but “experienced” company. Established in 2018, after a long collaboration with Matteo Thun, Luca Colombo set up his new company combining talent and expertise in the fields of architecture and interior design, in order to be the best partner in the development of an international project in the Italian market. 
The company focuses on ways of bringing buildings, spaces and landscapes together into sustainable and nature-oriented designs, favoring natural and local materials and optimizing energy efficiency through low-tech solutions. An architecture rich in aesthetic values, respectful of the environment, sensitive to location and culture and oriented towards longevity. 
The practice has gained a stable reputation thank to the quality, elegance and simplicity of its award winning projects in a wide variety of sectors: from hospitality to healthcare, residential to workplace, urban design and master planning, retail offices and industrial buildings.


Nation: ITALY



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