For more than 20 years, the Hertrich & Adnet Studio has been writing and staging new stories along with his projects. Marc Hertrich, after graduating from the Ecole Boulle, joined Michel Boyer, a famous interior designer. Next to him, Marc learns and his master naturally recommends him for an ambitious project: the Richemond Hotel in Geneva. The refurbishing of the Genevan palace, from a first mission, becomes a master piece: Marc Hertrich, discovering the world of luxurious hotel business, is captured by its excesses, its extravagance and its connections with the rest of the world. New clients call up for his support, the projects take turns and Marc slowly builds around him a team of assistants. In 1997, ten years after he created his agency, Marc Hertrich makes a crucial encounter which motivates him to partner: indeed, he discovers in Nicolas Adnet the same sensitivity and a creative universe similar to his. Member of the Lanvin Haute Couture managing team, Nicolas Adnet is the perfect self educated partner in terms of interior design. But his flare for materials, his passion for colours and his sense of details win Marc Hertrich over. Then a real synergy builds up between the two men, and, together, they develop the concepts of new projects. Each place reveals to them a new scenario to conceive, the target being to give a real identity to each of their projects. In a contemporary architectural language, they personalise each project by diverting and revisiting history and local cultures, yet using the latest technologies. Within ten years, thanks to numerous projects, the Hertrich & Adnet Studio team is made up of more than twenty five staff.


Nation: FRANCE