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Michael Malapert launched his interior design agency in 2005. From the start he developed living and commercial spaces on a national level. His work reflects the codes of contemporary luxury, always factoring in the historical context of each project and taking into account function as well as the energy released by the space itself. 
Michael’s visual vocabulary enhances the well-being always designing sustainability and is a balance between form and function. Each project tells a story through the architecture and design, enhancing the ergonomics of each space to provide a clear path. 
His approach can be equated to that of a chef preparing a gastronomic meal: choosing and assembling the ingredients (materials, lights, volumes) to form the basis of a coherent study; Selecting the artisans based on their proficiency; Overseeing the construction to ensure the quality of each part. Choosing to work with what the space has to offer instead of demolishing ; keeping the authenticity of the places as much as possible. 
In recent years Michael has enjoyed amazing success and built an incredible range of projects ; the Speakeasy, the bar of the Jules and Jim hotel, Yuman the 100% organic restaurant, A-Noste, the gourmet restaurant of chef Julien Duboué, the bistronomic Colonel Moutarde or Kristin Frederick’s Huabu, the founder of the reputed Camion qui fume, La Maison Bleue and the Café de la Marine in the 10th arrondissement.


Nation: FRANCE




    The majestic André Latin hotel is located in the heart of the « Quartier Latin » close to the Luxembourg gardens and the Pantheon, in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris ; which is one of the oldest district in the capital with its typical streets and universities. After many months of renovations, the...




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