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From an object to a subject, from industrial design that creates "things" to the interior design that evokes emotions: Massimo Simonetti starts looking for a more direct relation with people thanks to his creative evolution. At the beginning the industrial product is his dialogue with the world, then planning and new hospitality formats become his way to verify the real effect of his work on people. His approach is outside the box, it is free from trends and fashion. The point of arrival is the best synthesis between place and needs, between needs and taste: the “beautiful” becomes “good”, as ancient Greece teaches, when it executes the two principal functions of doing and of making feel good. Studio Simonetti is the logic persecution, not more by himself but by a team (a.k.a. Simonetti&Associati), of a research that starts from customer confidence and gets to an unrepetitive and never granted proposal. Every place is unique, every building comes from a story, maybe just from a dream, but is conceived to welcome other people or things stories. From hospitality to retail, from entertainment to industrial design. Renowned leader in the hotel design with more than forty hotels made, among which several five-star hotels which distinguish themselves in the Italian scenery, Studio Simonetti has a solid and continuously updated knowledge of buildings, materials and possibilities of realizing a work from the design to completion through a severe creative and management work. The deep expertise and long activity enable to identify design trends and to define luxury standards, comfort and innovation. The team, lead by Massimo Simonetti, is a group of architects and interior designers able to realize master planning, architectural and interior design projects, to give technical consultancy for new hotel concept and format. In forty years of business prizes and rewards testify a design culture evaluated by the time and life of who experienced it.


Nation: ITALY