Sergio Fabio Rotella is a brilliant Italian architect. He was born in Catanzaro (Calabria) in 1963, but early in the Nineties he moved to Milan, where he obtained a Master degree at the Domus Academy of Milan in 1988/89.  
From 1990 to 1995 he worked at the Atelier Mendini as a coordinator of architectural, design and event projects. 
In 1996 he founded “Studio Rotella” which focuses on his interest in architecture, design and professional advice to companies. 
His production includes far-ranging architectural projects both in Italy and abroad, conceptual architectural, large architectural projects, interior design projects as well as urban upgrading and industrial reconversion. These design approaches propose new ideas on how to exploit the living space and conceive architecture in present times. 
In 2008, Fabio Rotella founded About-Design, a new brand for which he designed a limited edition of furniture and furnishings, lighting fixtures and pictures. In the same year he became the artistic director of Benetti “Stone Philosophy”. 
His elegant projects contribute to enrich the spaces where people spend their time, thereby determining new aesthetical and functional features, always characterised by a poetical approach which makes them stand out.  
In February 2011 the “Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage” entrusted Fabio Rotella with an important task to design the first permanent Italian Museum abroad, “Spazio Italia”, inside the National Museum of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.  
On the 28 of June 2013, Fabio Rotella inaugurated inside the 751 district in Beijing “Italian Living Experience”, a factory of creativity for Italian excellence. Inside this space is also located the new Studio Rotella office. 
Eclectic architect, Fabio Rotella draws inspiration from art and uses it as a starting point, proposing new ideas about living the spaces and conceive architecture today.


Nation: ITALY



    Dragonwyck House, situated in the Surrey’s countee on the ST George’s Hill, conceived for the Russian Demin’s Family, was born thanks to the creative mind of the architect Fabio Rotella within the from his staff ’s ceaseless research work. The present project explores a new style, that we cannot…