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Year: 2015




Status: Completed

At the last floor of the elegant Chianciano Grand Hotel Ambasciatori is situated Ambasciatori Wellness & Spa, attractive spa and wellness centre that the oldest depurative ability of the water is combing with the attractive views of the gorgeous valleys of Chianciano’s surround. 
External and internal world blend together generating an atypical and pleasant space, dedicated to the psychophysical well- being of human. 
From the wide windows the visitor’s eye can reach the horizon, take liberty imagination, wander from deep thoughts and inners feeling; the borders decline and fine becomes the line that separated the body from the heart.  
The natural luxuriance of the Tuscany countryside becomes part of the place set down on the surface and white walls; the shiny green painting the sinuous and unveiling forms of the furniture, filling ambient with energy and positive charge. 
The light fills up the area realizing ethereal atmospheres that, coming together, they create new different traits of areas that creating the location. The swimming pool indoor offer to the visitor a safety and warm dwelling where is possible rediscover the original luxury of the existence and his peculiarity; the emotional showers take care of the sensoriality mistreated by the incessant and monotonous rhythm of the contemporary life and give strength and energy to the emotions usually a little bit ashy; sauna and turkish bath removed all that is poisonous and obscure our being. 
Inside the beauty room treatments reinvigorate the body and the spirit of the human and with the wellness program Kneip the man recovers his primordial and effective harmony. The visitor crossing the wellness centre borders becomes part of a new, free and immune world from conditioning banal. A peaceful and cantilevered place where the negative and toxic thoughts decomposing gives away of materialization of dream and perception of desires. 
The moments dedicate for wellness and for the recreation of the inner being becomes considerable, evident and look like never end, the traditional view of time and space change becoming personal and modelling the needs of each. 
The eternal and irresistible flow of the water involve the human spirit that he drops out searching the pills of pure wellness and relax for the sense and thoughts. 

Photo credits: Jurgen Eheim