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Year: 2016




Status: Completed

Featuring custom-furnished ocean blue interiors, Bluefish is the first seafood restaurant in Brianza to offer an innovative formula that lets diners select their fish at the counter, then enjoy a wide variety of seafood and fresh vegetable dishes to in its refined dining room or in their own home. 
Dainellistudio designed the entire interior in a minimalist atmosphere with a Nordic feel that creates a good match for the innovative format and the presentation of the dishes available on the menu. For the furnishings, Marzia and Leo Dainelli were inspired by the wooden shacks selling fresh fish on the wharfs of Italian seaside towns, and by the Mediterranean Sea uniting many countries. This also explains their choice of a unique shade of intense blue on the walls, interspersed with maritime-print wallpaper, and the natural oak of the custom-made tables. 
The dividers and lamps were also given an artisanal touch using ropes from fishing boats to create a soft, relaxing light that plays with the infinite shades of ocean blue and black that dominate the establishment. The innovative kitchen is on full view through large windows that look onto the spacious dining room with its hexagonal-shaped cementine tile floor with a tapestry of tiles in its centre like a large non-linear rug.

“It’s a dream come true,” explains the owner, “the dream of opening a restaurant in Brianza, serving fresh fish at very reasonable prices. The dream of sharing a type of restaurant that was lacking on our gastronomic landscape, where our guests choose at the counter the fresh fish they want to eat that can be cooked in three ways: steamed, fried or grilled.”

Suite 182, November/December 2016