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Year: 2014


Designer: PIUARCH


Status: Completed

Created by fashion designers Tom Notte e Bart Vandebosch, Les Hommes is now one of the most interesting menswear’ brand. Through the Les Hommes and Les Hommes Urban brands, the brand proposes collections of menswear, jeans wear, accessories and men shoes.  
To Piuarch was given the task of express the values and image that characterize the Brand through the design of the space, colors, geometries and quality of materials. 
The interpretation of the “contex” in this case means give three-dimensionality to the brand’s style by the usage of the materials. The attention to details typical of the Belgian duo’s work is reflected also in the furniture, thought as volumes compositions of smoked glass, white cloud marble and champagne steel. 
The combination between simple materials and precious ones creates an effect of structural elegance and chromatic minimalism: marble, champagne coloured glass, galvanized steel and concrete. 
The Les Hommes boutique in Milan - the first flagship store of the Belgian brand, in the Porta Nuova area - the port black marble laid out in a herring-bone pattern accompanies the customer through the entrance, over the exposed aggregate concrete floor to graft on to the wall in a sophisticated arch. 

Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna