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Year: 2016




Status: Completed

The Flagship Store Brioni of Milan is accommodated in a four-storey building in Via Gesù 4, within the boundaries of the the famous Milan fashion district. In this case, Park Associati was responsible for modernising the building as well, which used to be the famous old home of Brioni’s tailoring shop and offices in Milan. The layout of the various goods areas, is designed to enhance the brand’s products to the maximum and cater for the client’s desire to welcome customers into an elegant, linear setting. 
The ground floor space opens directly to the building’s internal courtyard: a secret and surprising place characteristic of traditional Milanese architecture. The display windows for the various products face onto the courtyard at different heights. The spaces are all fitted with windows to recreate the setting of a luxury tailor’s shop bursting with natural light and looking onto the neighbouring streets. The various sections devoted to footwear, leisurewear formalwear are located on the first floor. A large tailor’s workshop on this floor provides vital support for the shop’s business operations. The second floor, on the other hand, is devoted to tailor-made products and a private VIP room. 
The concept of elegance and exclusiveness characterising the brand, is emphasized through the presence of a lounge area, whose furnishing and fittings are all custom-designed. The atmosphere feels even more exclusive due to the windows, which, although fitting in with those in the store area, focus on the artisan care of their manufacture. 

Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna


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