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Year: 2016


Status: Completed

Simone Micheli signed the interior of the new British School Mopi Campus located in Montachiello – a new concept for the historical British School which is going to be a successful franchising. 
British School is a smart and innovative place dedicated to the learning and the improvement of the English language, where functionality and beauty are combined to give birth to an original space. 
The interior architecture is clear, well defined and functional in order to meet the needs of everyone who wants to learn a new language. On the walls, faces people aims to make the space open to the world and sociality.  
The play of the light, combined with a relaxing atmosphere, fosters concentration and learning such as creativity and desire to do. Round tables and chairs designed in the shape of alphabetic letters make the new British School an ideal place for students who want to study and improve English speaking.  
In addition, the space also provides a corner dedicated to expert teachers, with a large table and a personal computer, where they could be easily available to support students and ensure that goals will be achieved. 

Photo credits: Jurgen Eheim