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Year: 2016




Status: Completed

The architect Simone Micheli signed the interior of a new project called Forno della Salute, a store dedicated to good and genuine food, designed to become a franchising all over Italy. 
Forno della Salute is currently situated in Pistoia in the heart of Tuscany, well known for its fascinating landscapes and uniqueness. In order to ensure the wellness of everyone, Forno della Salute aims to highlight the importance of food, providing products without preservatives, glutamate and colouring such as products for people who suffers from celiac disease, with a perfect union of taste, quality and health. 
The space is simple, essential and bright, with transparencies and smooth surfaces, and brings out the authenticity and the original connection with nature. The stone walls are pure white-colored as well as the furniture, which is also combined with black color. Presence and absence, darkness and light, full spaces and empty spaces represent the primordial energy -yin and yang, good and devil- which is part of the universe from the beginning. The alternation of the elements, light and colour aims to find the perfect harmony to guide the universe in a perfect balance. 
Every detail of the project is designed with great attention in order to make the viewer a necessary and essential part of the whole. 
Forno della Salute is a well defined, clear and welcoming place and gives guests the opportunity of opening themselves to the outside, look upwards and focus the mind beyond the horizon of the already known possibilities. 

Photo credits: Jurgen Eheim