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Year: 2015


Status: Completed

Milan. In the heart of the historical Brera district, in the shadow of Santa Maria del Carmine, a beautiful square lies silently. Here, in an ancient building protected by the Fine Arts, the second God Save the Food restaurant found its home: it has been presented to the public in July 2015. There are two main rooms: the first one overlooks the square and allows you to enjoy the light in all its nuances; the second, warded inside the building, has a fireplace and features an intimate, almost whispered, atmosphere. At the center of the restaurant, the kitchen seems to welcome customers inviting them to participate in the magic of food preparation: traditional Mediterranean dishes with international influences, characterized by the high quality of ingredients. The architectural project was carried out in full respect of the historical context, but taking care of the contemporary. The furnishings were custom made with modern materials, according to a color palette that ranges from light grey to olive green and surprises with neon yellow details, as in the Zilio A&C chairs. Light is protagonist and transforms the space during different times of the day, thanks to video-installations and a wise use of the Flos and Artemide lamps. The restaurant finds its connection with the city in the outdoor seating area, where you can immerse yourself in the culture that only certain locations of Milan can offer, marvelling at the proposals of the special cocktail bar.