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Year: 2017


Status: Completed

The Hofhouse restaurant opened in June 2017 as one of the commercial elements that occupy the plinth of the Rijnstraat 8, the new Rijkskantoor in The Hague, transformed into a multi-ministry building by OMA.  
In the 1.000 square meters open space of Hofhouse 3 large counters house 6 different units, each serving a variety of foods from different parts of the world. In between the units, two additional pop-ups have been built who's occupants change a few times a year. A 12 meters long bar stretches along the glass facade, flanked by the two large planters holding the characteristic palm trees. 
The space is composed of three areas: a consequence from the three different ceiling heights dictated by the main building. The main feature in this series is the central volume crossing the longitudinal space and the concrete globe protruding from it. On either side of this volume, the space grows from 5 meters to 12 meters high, allowing for taller greenery to be placed in the large planters. 
The concept of the restaurant is a combination of a high-end dining area with the food market idea: with entrances on both ends of the 45 meters long space, visitors can either walk through the Hofhouse and pick up some food or drinks to take away or sit on the long velvet bench under the greenery, looking out towards the canal. In the evening, people gather at the bar after work or the space bustles with a private reception. 

Photo credits: Oma – Office for Metropolitan Architecture