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City: OSLO


Year: 2017


Designer: SNXHETTA


Status: Completed

Snøhetta has created a holistic interior design and visual identity for the restaurant Hunter Bar, located at the newly built international terminal at Oslo Airport.  
Hunter Bar is conceived as a hunting lodge where guests can seek shelter and relax leaning back onto the wall of the centrally placed cabin. The restaurant has a rustic and robust expression, drawing inspiration from buildings in weather-torn locations. With the use of roughly cut wooden elements, raw steel, and leather in natural tones, the design evokes an atmosphere rich with associations to nature and hunting traditions. 
The restaurant is laid with a simple furnishing concept that provides a wide range of seating possibilities. Much like a landscape, the space allows people to gather naturally and informally, creating places for people to sit in smaller groups, hiding in a corner, or for larger groups to congregate. The furniture is clad with autumnal-coloured textiles and a lively woven textile inspired by traditional pattern. 
The visual identity, including logo design, menu cards and employee uniforms, build on the same principles of the interior design. Inspired by industrial typefaces, the lettering is made in a characteristic stencil style, referencing the tough and raw expression of the interior. 
Signage and customized messages such as “The Hunt” at food pick-up, or “Back to Nature” by trashcans enhance this visual identity. 

Photo credits: Snøhetta