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Year: 2017




Status: Completed

Izakaya Munich is a unique mix of the ethnic feel of a Japanese inspired restaurant and the modern, sleekly but elegant Hotel Roomers. 
The Japanese stand-alone restaurant, located in the building of Hotel Roomers, announces its presence to the guests at the moment of arrival, with the show kitchen visible through the glass façade of the porte-cochere from Hotel Roomers Munich. 
The restaurant itself is composed of an array of black materials, with a contrasting feature of light wooden lamellas along the ceiling and wall towards the kitchen. 
The space is structured into two zones by a solid seating booth element in the centre. A three-step level change separates the bar zone at the entrance from the quieter restaurant zone in the rear. The rotating vertical panels in the centreline of the centreline of the booth element can connect or separate the space depending on the angle of rotation. In the early evening, the whole space can appear as one. After restaurant hours, the bar can be closed off to establish a darker and cosy mood that lasts deep into the night. 
The eye-catchers are the oversized wooden koi-carp lamp by LZF above the long table and the Japanese-inspired artwork on silkscreen by Gijs Scholten. 

Photo credits: Steve Herud, Concrete Architectural Associates