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Year: 2018




Status: Completed

Hotel Lutetia built in 1910 by architects Louis-Hippolyte Boileau and Henri Tauzin is a remarkable and very homogeneous building. The main facade (rue de Sèvres and Boulevard Raspail) is adorned with stone sculptures, vine motif and trellis. The angle of the rue de Sèvres and Boulevard Raspail is the outstanding feature of the facade with stone pediment. 
The main entrance of the hotel is located at the south end of the building, it is marked by a large awning window ironwork. Multiple interventions on the building have emerged, regardless of articulation with the original project. 
Wilmotte & Associés agency wishes to revive the spirit and strength of the original 1910 project, including restoring the façade luster of yesteryear. 
The project also restores the original façade at the bottom side of rue de Sèvres, modified during construction of the extension of 1930, the idea being to find the link to the front of the ground floor of the Boulevard Raspail. The two major roads, of entry and for the gallery will be highlighted: the lobby of the hotel will become the true functional core of the institution, and La Galerie brought back to what it was intended for: to serve all the public spaces of Lutetia. 
The improvement of the functions of the hotel is one of the priorities of this renovation. At all levels, the areas for services are optimized and rationalized. 

Photo credits: Hôtel Lutetia