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Year: 2018




Status: Completed

A neoclassical building reborn through an elegant and warm design that combines the classical austerity of the architectural complex and the contemporary design of its furniture, creating something unique and different with the goal of enhance the two souls that live side by side at M7. 
Clean spaces with a linear design and a spaces’ division were created to reach the maximum functionality. The furniture, most of them tailor-made, were individually designed for each apartment, with the stated goal of diversity acting as a catalyst. 
Each apartment tells a unique story; a different combination of rooms tied by a singular style. Clean spaces designed with light tones merge with warm woods, like noce and canaletto, powerful and distinct colours, such as electric blue and emerald green, are complemented by warm lights. Very recognizable design pieces, part of our culture, were selected to enhance the tailor-made furniture. 
The planning and design of the M7 it’s not a mere rehabilitation of a building, it’s a transformation into a place where people can feel at home. They are not simply apartments, they are foremost cozy homes where people can live and feel and share emotions. 

Photo credits: Max Lisi, Matteo Zita