Year: 2016




Status: Completed

The project Pedrali Urban Life places the visitor at the centre of a kaleidoscopic urban setting to explore Pedrali new proposals for Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan, in an exposition area of 780 square meters.  
A skyline made up of a succession of houses silhouettes which, on different levels, reproduces an urban landscape created through the lightness of opalescent Lexan profiles with accents of light. 
The central square is surrounded by views over the interior of the houses, each hosting different furniture collections, and leads the visitors through the exposition. Tall blue portals emphasize the access areas and define spaces for rest and sharing at the centre of the stand. 
All the exhibition area is characterized by the shade of a floor’s wooden planking that defines a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to recreate the intimacy of a private house and to pinpoint the houses’ view, as a skyline. 
 The reception area in the core of the exhibition area, opens to the restricted zone of the raised back lounge: an exhibition space itself where more selected visitors can experience directly the use of the products displayed in different kind of hospitality areas. 
While the light colours characterize the exhibition area, the lounge area is marked by a dark shade: solid grey tiles on the floor, and coloured walls, painted with two different tones of dark blue in order to define and remark the different meeting and restaurant areas. 

Photo credits: Felice Boschi, Ottavio Tomasini