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Year: 2018


Status: Completed

The concept of two multifunctional spaces inside Shanghai Pudong Airport is inspired by biodiversity and their location. 
The lounge area in Terminal 2 is called Sky Jungle and it is inspired by the vegetation of upper jungle. The functional areas are defined by the green jungle, growing along the edges and penetrating into the public space. From the reception a traveller moves around the working spaces – from individual workplaces to meeting rooms, play and relax areas. 
The natural element plays the main role in the design, while the furniture and finishing materials in neutral colors have been selected in order to set off the greenery. 
The airy and light environment of Sky Jungle offers travelers the possibility to disconnect from the frantic rhythm of the airport. 
The zone called underground jungle is inspired by mushrooms. In this area, intense blue and silver, glass and diffused light create a relaxing and stylish environment. 
The central part is taken by a bar and a dining area. Elegant silver partitions divide it, on one side, from the inner lounge and from the play and relax areas, on the other. 

Photo credits: Weiqi Jin