Year: 2016




Status: Completed

In the occasion of the International Furniture Show in Milan 2016, Matteo Nunziati designed the new stand for the prestigious Italian Design firm “I 4 Mariani". 
The exterior of the stand is covered with lacquered wood that is carved with irregular lines between the various panels which enliven the surface creating a contemporary decoration.  
A similar decoration is also reported on the exterior glass facades that create a sort of screen from which one can see the interior of the stand.  
The internal layout is designed as a great contemporary loft on 2 floors overlooking the downstairs. This wide open space without walls is ideal for creating the scenario in which to exhibit the company's products. 
Matteo Nunziati selected a palette of neutral colours ranging from dark brown with which is realized the mezzanine floor, to beige used for the carpet and the lacquered wood panels for the cladding. 
With this neutral environment the products are being exalted and stand out even more with some unexpected touches of colour. 
Entering at the large wall on the right, Matteo Nunziati designed a wall panel that is completely made of leather with an innovative technology developed by the company, an engraving technology creating elegant and original effects. 
The back wall is covered with large slabs of almost three meters of Carrara marble statuary. Matteo Nunziati chose this precious material linked with the Italian historical Architecture to enhance the Italian spirit of the company and to create a contrast between the sober and contemporary setting of the rest of the stand. 
This wall refers to the Italian architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque period, creating an intentional dissonance between modernity and richness, essentiality and opulence. 
Even the staircase accessing the mezzanine enhances the contrast between the contemporary nature of the dark iron structure and the glass railing and the richness and preciousness of the statuary marble cladding. 

Photo credits: Matteo Nunziati