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Year: 2016




Status: Completed

The wonderful Spa in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina – design by Simone Micheli Architect and engineered by Aquaspecial - wellnessindustry – is shaped as a surreal and fascinating place, able to receive and project humans into a totally “other” world, suspended among space and time and out of traditional visions of reality. 
The involving and intriguing atmosphere embraces guests, promoting the senses’ relaxation and the loosening of bodies and minds. The natural world comes inside the structure giving birth to soft dimensions that, combining their essences, melt together. 
Perspectives are many and the point of view continually changes; thanks to fascinating games of mirrors and screens the image becomes a determining icon. Water passes incessantly through the space, dividing into many directions and involving men into the eternal and cyclical stream of life. 
The Sarajevo Spa appears as an “out of conventions” place, purifying and welcoming space, able to offer pure, candid and harmonious moments of relax in opposition of monotonous and dissonant frenzy of everyday life. The client through the surreal hallway to the entrance of the SPA, becomes immediately part of the vanishing and natural atmosphere that define the space.  
The spirit of the client is delighted of the warm and suffused light and the ranging of the shades harmonize the irresistible flow of the existence. Crossing the threshold, the harmonica composition of the sounds, shades, images, colours and textural essences wrap the host, supporting relaxation of the senses and rapturing his mind. Beneficial sensation penetrates into body and mind, dissolving the daily torpor and intensifying the emotional network. The surrounding includes completely the man, immersing it, in full, in worlds that are built around its movements.  
From the vital sea bottom to the pure and fresh beauty of the landscape, in every moment the space suit looks and feature. And the constant flow of the water, with his innate and cathartic purifier power to shape the environment: modelling the soft delicacy of the bath and the furniture, fitting which make candid forms, essential is the warm of the sauna and the inebriating vapor of the steam room. 
The water is reflected in the mirrored surfaces and multiplies in the images of the screens, intensifying its purifying qualities and his being regenerative. 

Photo credits: Jurgen Eheim