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Year: 2008




Status: Completed

The building is erected at a strategic point for the architectural equilibrium of the new Piazza Fontana and the monumental elements with which it is closely related, such as the Archbishop’s Palace and the Duomo itself. 
The interior and exterior of the building narrate complex and different stories: on the one hand the restraint of the public architecture, and on the other the necessary hospitably and pleasurable plush of the interiors. 
The new extension of the Hotel Starhotels Rosa Grand in relation to the urban fabric relies on the rationality of its modern reunification and its elevations become its emblem. Built entirely of stone, using white Montorfano granite finished by being lightly bush-hammered in the elevations and pink Baveno granite in the portico, the building is defined by three compositional divisions which, with slight recesses, form a sort of front porch whose character is created by the mullioned windows made of terracotta panels with metal window frames and parapets.  
In the central section, a variation on the façade has been composed which also extends to the roof, faced completely in white Montorfano granite, while the windows have special glass parapets, decorated with a backlit internal gilded metal grid. The interior of the hotel turns on the courtyard-foyer. It features a large glass roof resting on curved steel cross ribbing, which imparts a sense of dynamism to the whole interior. 
The continuity of materials and interplay of light are also apparent in the circular staircase leading to the new conference rooms in the basement level. Room after room, the flooring of stone or seminato that lines the path turns to wooden floors in the lounges and bedrooms. The different textures and light-colored materials create the delicate setting for some decidedly sculptural elements such as the gilded portals, the reception desk and the wall of the lounge bar. 
The new extension to the hotel is laid out with different types of rooms of particular importance, in consideration of the exceptional view it offers over the monuments of Piazza Fontana. 

Photo credits: Starhotels Rosa Grand