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Year: 2018


Designer: IL PRISMA


Status: Completed

In the project entrusted to Il Prisma, every element is designed with the intent to narrate a story, exalt the vantage point over the city of Milano and celebrate that moment of the day dedicated to getting together and sharing – where the cocktail hour is central. 
The concept of the roof has been redefined, redesigned into a space where one can spend all day, both for business events and for the cocktail hour, until night. 
1100 square meters, 5 halls for events on 3 floors, an itinerary of constant surprises: the idea of the design is based on unexpected points of view that reveal the brand Martini and its identity. An immersive experienced is created by effects of transparency, interactive walls and optical illusions that provoke the senses and the curiosity of the visitors, like in a clue hunt. As the name suggests, “the viewfinder” is inspired by the tool that the director uses to find the best frame for a scene, it incorporates many points of view revealed in the space of the three new floors. 
The transparencies that characterise the location are a dominating element and a reference to the consistency of the cocktail: the use of mirrors and reflecting materials, that multiply the points of view by creating a reverberation of the inside light and of that of the panorama. With an eye to the past: the architectural structural interventions restore the original windows that enhance the lighting of the entire floor. The finish of the furniture reevoke the Martini ingredients from its colours to its contents.  
The result is a narration that unites the outdoor and the indoor without a continuous solution that amplifies the sensation of living in a unique experience.  
The design and architecture of the space, conceived in a style that is extremely contemporary, provide for spaces dedicated to the Martini heritage, like the so called “time capsule”, that takes us back to the charm of the 60s, and we are reminded of the faces of the famous people that graced the Terrace during that time period. 
A space tailor-made for the guest and inspired by the warm tones of the sunset and the typical moment of the cocktail hour. Special attention is placed in the choice of the materials and the furniture, which are inspired by Milano, like the reference to the marble of the Duomo and the stones of the piazza.  
There is a physical itinerary that reconnects the three floors, through a perfect integration, both functional and modern, of architectural solutions and an emotional path that continues to reveal the most iconic aspects of the brand. 

Photo credits: Terrazza Martini


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