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Year: 2017




Status: Completed

ThE BaR is an ethical and intelligent project that imagined with the desire to create an extensive communicative body and with the intention to turn the Caffè del Borgo into an important centre of the relationships’ network that underlines the Ventura-Lambrate district. 
Shaped as the main point of the meeting area, ThE BaR becomes the soul of neighbourhood that is in continuous growth and development, especially, but not only, during the week of the Salone del Mobile. 
Every year it is the fascinating theatre and favourite destination of businessmen and professionals from all over the world. The first manifestation of ThE BaR took place in 2016, during the Fuori Salone, at Simone Micheli Studio Gallery in Milan – Via Ventura 6 – through the involving and scenic performance that skilfully immersed visitors into the project that today has taken concrete real form. 
The fluid and engaging forms of the furnishings giving origin to highly distinctive atmospheres to explore which welcome visitors rewarding them with moments of intense well being and surprising moments of reality. 
Faces of men, blocked the instant of capturing, make tables animated and becoming the icon which tells about the customization of the passage of time and the possibility to extend the essence and intensity of feeling good. 
Mirrors and screens multiply images, refract them and invite to reflection regarding one’s physical, mental and cultural being, intensifying and pushing it to openness, sociability, to the contact. 
Brightly coloured strokes interrupt the flow of images, thoughts and uniform proceeding; dynamize the path, combine the intentions, lead to the alteration and interaction of the looks, characters, voices, conducing to dialogue. 

Photo credits: Maurizio Marcato