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Year: 2015




Status: Completed

People are changing. New York is changing. Luxury is changing. With The New York EDITION, Ian Schrager and Marriott International respond to this changing landscape by introducing a new luxury for a new generation.
Up to now, the idea of a modern luxury hotel was an oxymoron. Luxury hotels were traditional in design by definition—the more luxurious a hotel was, the more traditional looking it was expected to be. Ian Schrager recognized that this safe approach and “give no offense” design philosophy was itself an offense. Luxury hotels continue to be stagnant. A new generation that has grown up in the age of technology, social media, instant access, the proliferation of global consumer brands, affluence and conspicuous consumption has long craved an alternative to the standardized luxury hotels that feel like a thing of the past and are virtually indistinguishable from one another. People’s priorities have changed and so have their needs and desires. Luxury for them is no longer about traditional status symbols, outdated notions of luxury or how much something costs. They simply desire an elevated experience and one that makes them feel good. And, they desire a hotel that is steeped in simplicity, refinement, sophistication, good taste and restraint, but is at the same time, just as striking, glamorous, exciting, surprising, joyful and memorable. It is this fusion that creates the uniqueness and distinction that people have come to expect from Ian Schrager.
Today’s modern travelers, more connected than ever due to social media, are now hungry for community and social interaction in the physical world, not just online. They seek to surround themselves with likeminded individuals with common interests, views, aesthetics, tastes and desires. Schrager and Marriott have provided this new generation with the alternative that speaks to they way they live and travel today, which are now one and the same.
This new luxury is also the luxury of simplicity. The challenge however lies in the fact that it is difficult to do “simple”, and to do it well. Yet, a quiet, edited, refined approach speaks volumes louder than the “look at me” design that is so prevalent today in a time of a one-upmanship mentality. The New York EDITION evokes a new age of American Glamour—an understated, timeless aesthetic that is incapable of being categorized or defined in textbook design terms.