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Year: 2017




Status: Completed

Simone Micheli has designed the interiors of Laghetto delle Colonne’s Tower, better known as Maiano’s Tower, transforming it into a welcoming and enduring work of art. The tower is wrapped in a fascinating aura, offering the visitor a sensational, dream-like and super-dimensional experience.  
The tower becomes an imaginary place that offers its customers a different perspective and the possibility of understanding and reflecting on the deepest meaning of experience, letting the mind free from its day to day habits. 
“The project of Maiano’s Tower is characterized by a synesthetic and multi-sensioral approach that connects the user to the work.”Simone Micheli 
Surrounded by the green of Romantic Park and reflected in the water of the pond below, the tower is an harmonious and central element in the structure of the landscape that allows the imagination of visitors to wander unbounded. The geometric lines that characterizes the outward appearance of the tower are softened by the aging past and by the vitality of the surrounding nature. From the outside and the interior of the tower there is not a clear limit but a continuous exchange without end. 
The ancient tower is converted into an extreme luxury suite where past, present and future are immediately integrated. Similarly, the lights and shadows are merged into a play of regards that captures the sight and human senses; it creates new, dynamic, unfathomable areas in the space. The walls of the structure show the sign of time, the furniture that Architect Simone Micheli made especially for the occasion are essential, fascinating, pure and perfectly fit with the rest of the environment, causing a timeless break in the cycle of everyday life. 

Photo credits: Juergen Eheim


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