Year: 2016




Status: Completed

Dragonwyck House, situated in the Surrey’s countee on the ST George’s Hill, conceived for the Russian Demin’s Family, was born thanks to the creative mind of the architect Fabio Rotella within the from his staff ’s ceaseless research work. The present project explores a new style, that we cannot define as homogeneous, but rather as one that encompasses a great variety of influences an tailor made elaborations. DRagonwyck House is a hig level luxury project that actually results to be a comfortable space that you can call “home”, where everything has been realized to satisfy the landlady’s, Elena Demin, requests. The result is a symphony of decoration, mirrors, curtains, transparency, marble enhanced with brass and wood, boiserie joined with plaster frames and unexpected colours and materials. A completely unique style specifically realized for Veyron Group as a pilot project for future villas and boutique hotels in the whole United Kingdom. The style defined “Post Neoclassicism” by the architect Fabio Rotella, is insiperd by the art decò atmosphere during the 20’s and 30’s, reinterpreted in a new contemporary key. The decoration is the element that gives birth to all the furniture of the house. Specifically for the project the Studio Rotella designed decoration and motive applied on the wood and marble parquette, roofs and walls, boiseries, stones, mosaic, textures, wallpapers. Characteristic of this luxury design by Rotella are the massive spiral marble stairway, the Majestic chimney in the living room, the master’s white marble bathtub and the wood and brass motives on the pavement.