Gallia Palace - Punta Ala

Gallia Palace - Punta Ala
For over 30 years, with passion and perseverance, Microdevice has researched and developed building automation solutions through reliable supervision and control systems especially for the hotel sector. They are tested in many accommodation facilities, hospitals, commercial and private structures in Italy and abroad. The only purpose is to offer systems and innovative products which are useful, robust, stable, functional and renewable. Hotel Supervisor excels among the proposals for our customers. It is a complete and strong control system made for hotels and characterized by a distributed intelligence. It can manage and control alarms, security, automation of the domotic system and energy-saving. The installations supervision is also possible, like the control of boilers, thermal units, A.T.Us, air conditioning systems, resources optimization, online safe and minibar management, staff presence, rooms and common areas accesses. Consumptions and wastefulnesses are monitored too. Hotel Supervisor is the only system available on the market which allows a 360° all round hotel management. 

Gallia Palace in Punta Ala is one of the hotels which chosen us 
The name Gallia is strictly connected to the history of Italian hotel hospitality, when the world of prestigious hotels became the center of high society life and, so, Gallia family hosted it in various and memorable events of italian history. Since 1962, until today, the familiar style to receive and host the guests has not been changed. At the beginning of the 60’s Gallia family contributed to the development of Tuscany seaside tourism by realizing the Gallia Palace, a hotel that, in 50 years, hosted people from all over the world. Hence it gave more visibility to Punta Ala, to Maremma region and its beautiful archipelago. Gallia Palace presents itself as a hotel which lives his founders values and hosting soul thanks to its 71 spacious rooms and suites, its colors sobriety, its natural brightness, its freshness, its silence in a natural and maritime atmosphere. Gallia Palace chose Hotel Supervisor for the best management of the access to the rooms and to the common areas by substituting the keys with the CARDS. Hence, through the software, it is possible identifying the presences (guests, staff, etc.) in the building. Moreover the hotel chose to control the rooms parameters directly and in complete autonomy by controlling the condition of each space, by measuring the guest comfort and by optimizing the consumptions. The card is employed as a key and it activates all the services in the room only when the guest or the personnel are inside. In this way energy consumptions are reduced. Furthermore Hotel Supervisor manages the guests check-in and check-out, so precious timings and resources are saved. The panel lines chosen by Gallia Palace are extremely customizable and functional: they have a linear design with a “total white” finish. The white YourLight panels employed outside the rooms are characterized by the highest design and personalization as a good communication with the guests is essential for every hotel. YourLight line answers the communication and distinction needs. The panel made in tempered glass lets the access through the card and shows the blue lighted number of the room and the hotel logo. It also lets the visualization of the following icons: “guest in room”, “do not disturb”, “alarms”, “room cleaning”. The white version of Click&Touch panels is provided with blue backlighted buttons which make the rooms and the common areas atmosphere enjoyable even in the dark. The line in polycarbonate is conceived in order to satisfy the hotel world and the finishes are studied to satisfy all the design needs for the rooms and the common areas. This line technology is elaborated in order to offer the best combination of design and command certainty where the confirmation of the made choice is pointed out by the “click”. The beauty of the line is combined with an intelligent system tested in hundreds of applications. Like the other Microdevice products, this line comes from the values which the company believes in: reliability, coherence, robustness, stability, functionality, modernity, certainty and renovation.

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