DiDeA is an integrated architecture, interior, branding and design firm based in Palermo.The partners are : Nicola Giuseppe Andò, Emanuela di Gaetano, Alfonso Riccio,Giuseppe De Lisi. After an in-depth analysis of the urban and historic project’s context, DiDea design approach starts from the very first concept to working plan, throughout a precise choice of artisans and contractors and a careful works supervision, maintaining a continuos dialogue with the clients, so as to meet their needs and desires.

Nation: ITALY


  • CENTO61

    The design comes out from the refurbishment of and old restaurant with no character located in an early twentieth century building following the client request to “create a special place with an informal atmosphere that could become a meeting place for Palermo’s people to eat, drink, share and…


    Studio Didea designed a new inn Dadalìa in the heart of the old Palermo downtown, within the Vucciria market.  The design comes out from the renovation of an old shop located on the ground floor of an 1850 building.  The room has a quadrangular shape that develops in width and three entrances to…

  • UNTO

    The project is conceived as a reconversion of the previous space in a fast food. The former antique shop's space was composed by interconnected rooms , that the architects have turned into a singular grey-tones place marked by an extended counter made of visual concrete and wood. Over the counter,…


    Ai Giudici is an intimate, small bar in Palermo. The client’s request was to create a double space : a daytime cafeteria along with a lounge bar. The project by DiDeA has provided a dual identity trough two basic materials: light coloured wood for the cafeteria and rust colored iron for the…