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City: SALO'


Year: 2013


Status: Completed

In a late 19th century rural structure, in the section that once was the space used as a hayloft, now revisited in a modern key, is B&B panorama Cinque: an environment full of charm in which a rare care for details united with a passion for art and design make it a unique, exclusive place. The restyling and the interior design of the Lounge and Breakfast area by Architect Stefania Pellegrinelli in collaboration with XAM, suggests harmonic lightness of the spaces through the materials used. In this environment the simplicity of the glass and metal facade blend with the warmth of the wood and of other materials of natural origin, giving life to an extremely welcoming space. The spaces such as from an idea of harmony and of perfect balance between essentiality, taste and refinement. Pure lines of warm minimalism characterize the environments of this B&B that is distinguished for its style unique and the atmosphere, through objects and furnishings that inhabit and at the same time life bring to the spaces. It is thus from following a single fil-rouge that winds around a dual idea of elegance and hospitality, that the distinctive nature of B&B Panorama Cinque emerges: a place in which attention is paid to each detail is to offer an atmosphere of charm, where interiors and exteriors blend in a perfect idea of harmony and where each corner has its own special identity. All around is the splendor of nature.