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Year: 2016




Status: Completed

The project is the winner of the tender by invitation held by Coima for the realization of amenities in the building Diamantino, which is part of the new development of Porta Nuova in Milan. As the building in question is occupied by several tenants, the customer demanded that the possible functions of this area be as flexible as possible, so as to meet everybody’s needs. 
The main intended uses of this space were thus identified: lounge area, break area, kitchen area and/or possible support for catering, reading room, space for meetings and conventions, room for parties and presentations, and storage room.  
The creation of custom-made furnishings, libraries and planters on wheels was decided for the purpose of bringing together the various activities in the area, which measures approximately 700 square meters and comprises small study areas, lounge, wired work desks, and a video wall. The versatility of the individual items of furniture means that the set-up can be totally changed in a short time for more social occasions, such as conferences, meetings, exhibitions and celebrations.  
The break area with equipped kitchen also features wired tables and is a key part of the amenities. Each setting is completed by three smaller rooms that can be joined together where – as well as condominium meetings – yoga or pilates classes, or other light-sporting activities can be held, even during lunch breaks. The chosen furnishings combine functionality, comfort and elegance.  
The colours selected are green for the lounges and some of the walls and kitchen elements, white for tables and chairs, light grey for the floors and natural shades for the rugs and other furnishings. To increase the space’s acoustic comfort, the walls have been partly soundproofed using sound-absorbing fabric panels. 

Photo credits: Mario Frusca